Built with Berta

    2019 / 2020, collages, mixed materials on paper, sizes vary from A5 to A2

    I created a series of approximately 450 collages. The collages combine paper cut shapes, elements of drawings and textual excerpts. The latter are exclusively borrowed bits and phrases  from ‘The Waves’, a novel by Virginia Woolf. Reassembling them, new sentences are constructed. 

    This series of collages are somehow doubled representations; in the interaction between language and image. Figurative and abstract languages intersect. In the same way as the word “characters” serve for fictional figures and for letters, all pieces on the page push, shift and balance interpretation. In the course of making the series, words repeated themselves and the pattern of these arising elements, became the starting point for reading the collages as a script for a performance. 



  2. I thought, 'I cannot interfere with a stroke of those brooms. They sweep and they sweep. Nor stop gardeners sweeping nor skeletons.


  3. by nine all the colours slapped the boat, tick ... tick, tick, tick.

  4. "For ever," said Louis," Can I hear her voice This is my laughter, Susan sometims goes cricketing, divided.


  5. An army marches across Europe.

  6. foundly unconscious.

  7. human dirt. -et cetera. Waves of hands, to be left behind there, yet we are provided with days, human history is on the top of the moor.

  8. I see the gardeners play cricket?


  9. Beethoven? a sentimental -God Yet over him we hang vibrating.

  10. waste Speech is false, much gum.

  11. The tide assumes an air of intensity, of the rock and the trees gravely bow and bend not yet formed into one whole; the sea. We lie gorged with food, torpid in the heat.


  12. on the table. There were her lare reels of white cotton and her steel spectacles; her needle case; her brown wool wound an old postcard.


  13. Then people put teapots on their heads and say, "I am a King!"


  14. I am round apple on the curtain.


  15. Here are figures of myself, and the bridge.

  16. "Oh, no, no," he said, taking the basket of grapes; but thinking that he must not say that he loved her.

  17. Let me sit here for ever with bare things, this coffee-cup, this knife, this fork, things in themselves, myself being myself.

  18. The camel beneath the moon' (I a camel,' is a vulture; the vulture milk in a saucer for cat;

  19. I should stand in a queue and smell sweat, and be hung with other people like a joint of meat among other joints of meat.

  20. "The gentlemen answer the question like a fling of seed.


  21. I say, what is abstract, absurd, perched on a great horse. But for how long?: there will be new